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Academic Research Tutor is the best professional essay writing service for term papers, research papers, and other academic assignments. Our process is quick, easy, and confidential! Simply apply for essay and assignment help on our site and Place your order for free. In just a few steps you will choose your quality of writer, and we will get started. We guarantee great grades at an affordable price, sometimes as low as $7!

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Finding a trusted, confidential, and easy to use professional writing service is not easy for a student in today’s online jungle. The internet is filled with custom writing service after custom writing service. All promising to deliver high quality papers at a cheap price, but time after time they fail. Here at Academic Research Tutor we are different than those other professional essay writing services. We are trusted around the globe because our team is talented and dedicated to our customers. We put in the effort and research needed to produce high quality, engaging, and informative work. Unlike other companies, Academic Research Tutor is focused on helping our clients achieve the results they desire, after all, that’s why they come to us. So sit down, relax, and let the experts handle your assignment.



No games, or hassle Academic Research Tutor is here to produce results. We care about our clients and realize the best way to produce repeat business is through the quality of our work. Our professional essay writing services are the highest quality on the internet, ensuring our clients the best results possible. We understand the stress and worry that comes along with these huge assignments, and we were developed to take some of that off the back of students. Our professionals will walk you through the process of writing your paper, providing the expertise needed to get the job done right. Stop taking this journey alone and hire our team to be your guides.



Here at Academic Research Tutor we aim to make obtaining professional essay writing services as easy as possible. That’s why we allow our customers to place an inquiry free, review the order and assign to the best suited writer on our team, then proceed to check out. This builds an added layers or trust especially when the topic is very technical and requires heavy research and consultation. In the case the topic is outside our comfort zone and we are not able to complete your order, no payment is processed.


Our writers are thoroughly screened during our hiring process, ensuring the highest standards are met for our customers. All writers are professionals, possessing a Master’s Degree or equivalent. Additionally, all our writers have access to reputable research sources, assisting them in content creation.




First let’s get this elephant out of the room, at Academic Research Tutor, we DO NOT resell essays or any other research paper that we create for our clients. Every single essay or paper provided by our team is original content, fresh off the presses, avoiding plagiarism. We also treat every client with total and complete privacy, disclosing no information to third parties.


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The following services are offered at a reasonable low fee. Check our writing guide free information on how to complete different types of research papers.


Even with a clear understanding of how to write a research paper, a student still needs to overcome several barriers. These include coming up with a topic, conducting enough research and developing an appropriate thesis statement.

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Writing a research paper requires extensive research on any given subject. Students, therefore, are required to dig deeper into research materials, uncovering evidence to support the thesis statement. Our team can help!

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A topic may be hard to understand even with the help of a teacher. Because of this some students have trouble composing their ideas into a paper. We help students better understand their topic and display that understanding through high quality papers.
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Step by step guidance

Our step-by-step guidance is a service that arms our students with direct guidance from our tutors in the form of an outline. In this case, the tutor develops an outline based on the criteria of the assignment to break down the writing process for our students. The results speak for themselves.

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Academic Research Tutor

We provide high-quality, informative, engaging, and valuable papers covering a wide range of services. Our professional writing services include term papers, research papers, book reviews, homework assignments, dissertations, assignments, business papers, thesis papers, and more.


Every student wants to succeed in his or her academic career, but that success is directly tied to their competency in composing high level essays and research papers, and let’s face it, not everyone is a talented writer. That’s where we come in!


Academic Research Tutor provides quality help to everyone who has trouble writing essays, no matter what complexity, topic, or urgency–we can complete almost any kind of writing at the highest level. Hiring professional essay writing services gives students the opportunity to raise their grades and increase their chances for having a successful career.

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