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How to write a narrative and multicultural counseling research paper: 2500 words free essay

Different individuals in different parts of the world go through problems or issues that require help or advice from the people around them to help them address or solve the looming issue or issues at hand.

Narrative Counseling

Narrative counseling, commonly known as narrative therapy is a counseling method that pictures people different from the situation or problem that is affecting them. This method distances an individual from a position to assess how the distance helps the individual recover or avoid being hurt from the issue. This method aims at protecting the individual from stress and depression that is caused by the situation he or she needs counseling to get over with or most importantly solve.

Multicultural Counseling (1000 words)

Multicultural counseling, also known as multicultural therapy is a counseling method that majorly focuses on the minority groups in the society that are affected by multicultural differences such as religion, ethnicity, income, gender, disability, identification or other social factors that exist outside what majority of members in the society belong.

A good case example can involve an African international student who is a Christian pursuing a degree course in a country like Saudi Arabia.

Similarities between Narrative and Multicultural counseling (350 words)

These being problem solvers to different individuals and situations, these two approaches have a few similarities. According to Mitchell and Shillingford, (2017) the two approaches majorly relies on listening whereby the counselor carefully looks to an individual’s issue or problem to figure out which methods and techniques he or she can suggest helping address the issue at hand.

Differences between Narrative and Multicultural counseling (600 words)

Despite having notable similarities, these two approaches have some differences that make the two approaches distinct. Capuzzi and Stauffer, (2016) agree that multicultural counseling majorly focuses on understanding the sensitive cultural aspect affecting individuals in a society.

Comparative Analysis between Narrative and Multicultural counseling (400 words)

Narrative counseling approach focuses on ensuring clients feel they are experts and in control of their own lives and majorly separate themselves from the existing problem or concern to assess the progress they can make in their lives.


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This Narrative and Multicultural counseling paper is 2500 words.

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