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AMB200 Consumer Behaviour
Assessment Item 3: CB Report
This report is designed to help you understand what is known in the academic literature and
business press about a chosen topic. It requires you to apply a theory, model or framework to the
consumer behaviour you are investigating and recommend some marketing strategies to address
the behaviour.
Consumer Behaviour Topics
Two consumer behaviour topics will be specified for this assignment. You should choose one (1) of
these topics as the subject of your Consumer Behaviour Report. Details of the topics will be made
available on the unit blackboard site.
Assignment structure and requirements
For your report, you must follow the specified structure detailed below. Please use these as your
headings. The total word count for the assignment is 2250 words (+/- 10%) [excluding references
and appendix].
I. Context and Problem/Opportunity (~100 words)
From the topics specified, you need to select one problem or opportunity that is of interest to you for this
assignment. Briefly introduce the specific issue you are targeting and one opportunity or problem
surrounding that issue in a particular context. You should state whose perspective you are taking (i.e. which
organisation do you represent?). Your context and problem/opportunity should illustrate a real and
plausible situation that marketers face.
II. Literature Review (~700 words)
Using both academic literature and business press, synthesise the literature on your chosen topic in
your own words. What do we already know about the issue of interest? You should include AT
LEAST ten (10) references, of which AT LEAST seven (7) should be from reputable academic
Make sure you link the paragraphs together rather than discussing one paper at a time. This
literature should provide evidence for the extent of the problem/opportunity you identified in
Section I, discuss the key factors facing consumers and marketers, and analyse any marketing
strategies that have been previously used to address this problem.


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