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Assignment on the Importance of First Aid in Health and Safety Today

The importance of first aid in the workplace cannot be overemphasized. The statistics on work-related injuries underscore of such significance. In 2007, the estimated number of fatal and non-fatal workplace injuries was 8,559,000 (Leigh, 2011). The fatal and non-fatal illnesses were about 427,000. The cost estimates for the injuries are said to have reached $186 billion and for the illnesses $12 billion (Leigh, 2011). For the combined injuries and illnesses, the direct and indirect costs amounted to $250 billion. This value is significant considering that most of the illnesses and injuries could have been prevented. According to Leigh (2011), these costs are almost as enormous as cancer. Worker’s compensation only covers a portion of this cost, which is 25%. The taxpayer covers the other.

One thing is common in every workplace, and that is the possibility of workers getting injured or ill. The employees are some of the most valuable resources to a company, and so they should be protected from injury. Good health is key to productivity. That means ensuring the employees are healthy improves an organization‘s profitability.

Illnesses cause a significant number of workdays, which in turn costs the businesses billions of shillings in medical expenses and reduced productivity.  It does not matter whether workers are in the low-risk work environment or high-risk. They all face a number of risks. Burns, poisonings, cuts, cuts, and trauma, and temperature extremes, medical and musculoskeletal injuries among others are some of them. The risks are compounded when these staffs are not feeling well.

If the workers are unprepared to handle these injuries and illnesses, then it can prove too late for anything to be done. A patient’s condition can become debilitating leading to higher medical costs and loss of revenue.

Providing first aid and conducting training on the same makes good business sense. Keeping the employees safe and trained is a small cost to the business in comparison to the cost of not doing so. It is also an act with significant returns and competitive advantage. Apart from being a good business sense, it is the law.

All organizations are required by OSHA to provide first aid, as well as, resuscitation training. This is where a clinic or health center is not in the vicinity. While injury can be prevented through safety, it is not every injury that can be avoided. The primary first aid objective should be to provide workers with the necessary tools they require to care for an injured or ill individual. This is until better help arrives.

According to OSHA, the occupational injury outcomes depend on the provision of first aid care rather than on the severity of the injury (Yurumez, 2007). Fast and appropriately give first aid care may be the difference between short and prolonged recovery or life and death. It can also be the difference between permanent and temporary disability. Since the business situation is unique, OSHA requires the organization to conduct first aid training specific to the business. Training can be different across ……………….



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