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The conspiracy theory that Rafael Cruz was involved in the 1963 Assassination of President John F. Kennedy

One conspiracy ideology that dominated the 2016 presidential campaigns is that Rafael Cruz, father to Senator Ted Cruz was involved in the assassination of President John F. Kennedy in 1963. The assassination of President John F. Kennedy is a research paper that many of our writers can work n, just as the sample below explains. Trump told Fox News that Ted’s father was with Lee Harvey Oswald, before the president’s assassination. He referred to a photo, which was circulating online as evidence that the man standing near Oswald was Rafael; hence, the two were planning something together. However, there was no evidence whatsoever that the person in the photo was Rafael Cruz as claimed by Trump. Writing a research paper on theories requires much understanding of the qualities of a good paper. The conspiracy brought about the intense rivalry between Ted Cruz and Trump with both sides accusing each other of relying on lies and unfounded claims to influence the American people. Senator Ted having been agitated with Trump’s accusations against his late father told reporters that the presidential candidate could not differentiate between the truth and lies. He went ahead and called Trump a pathological liar who has a history of conspiracy theories.

“Everything is Rigged” Conspiracy Theories

Both Trump and Sanders repeatedly claimed that the primaries and nomination process was manipulated to favor some candidates. Moreover, the two argued that everything during the campaign period was rigged to ensure that certain presidential candidates won the election. For instance, Trump alleged that in states lacking proper voter ID laws, rigging schemes would be rampant and people would vote more than ten times. He also argued that the only way Clinton would emerge number one in Pennsylvania is through fraudulent methods. When it came to Sanders theories, they were far-reaching compared to Trump’s which just surrounded the election process. Sander and Sen. Elizabeth Warren often alleged that the entire American system was a fraud. During his campaigns, Sanders frequently complained that the economic and political policies were entirely rigged.

The DNC Leaks: A conspiracy within a Conspiracy Theory

Among all the conspiracy ideologies circulating during the 2016 election period, the Democratic National Committee (DNC) leaks were the most prominent. It was alleged that Trump conspired to relieve Russia all sanctions if they collaborated with him to defeat Clinton in the presidential race. In line with this arrangement, it is alleged that Russia hacked the Democratic National Party’s emails. The leaked emails tarnished the image and reputation of DNC since they implied that the primaries were rigged to allow Clinton to defeat Bernie Sanders. In this conspiracy, it is claimed that a CNN analyst and vice-chair of the DNC, Donna Brazille had shared the debate questions with Clinton’s campaign team before the actual presidential discussion forum took place. Brazille initially denied the claims, but after being fired, she eventually confessed her unlawful actions. In other words, the Trump-Russia collaboration conspiracy theory became a revelation to an actual conspiracy with the DNC.

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