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HIST 141 Research Papers

HIST 141 Research Papers covers topics related to Western Civ to 1660.


Study materials available include notes on

  • Fundamental developments in the history of Western societies from antiquity to early modern Europe

Focus is on comparison of traditional and modern societies to an analysis of the latters –i.e. European societies–, thus addressing the question if differences or similarities can be found in this allegedly representative of the Western civilization and modernity. HIST 141 covers the domains of religion, moral standards, socio-economic and political attitudes, and attitudes towards work, family, marriage and sexuality. It certainly enables a deep analysis of all the domains and allows exploring the links between the values that fall within their scope.


  • The Greek and Roman worlds

A Companion to Families in the Greek and Roman Worlds draws from both established and current scholarship to offer a broad overview of the field, engage in contemporary debates, and pose stimulating questions about future development in the study of families.


  • The commercial and intellectual revolutions of the Middle Ages

The Commercial Revolution was a period of European economic expansion, colonialism, and mercantilism which lasted from approximately the late 13th century until the early 18th century. It was succeeded in the mid-18th century by the Industrial Revolution.


  • The rise of cities

One practical consequence of the rise of cities was to separate people from the resources they needed to survive. … City planning evolved to enable cities to grow in an organized way. The specialization of workers that occurred once surplus food could be produced contributed to an urban revolution of major proportions.


Other topics covered in HIST 141 Research Papers include

  • The birth of the university
  • The conquest and colonization of the Atlantic world
  • The Renaissance and Reformation
  • The political and religious upheavals of the sixteenth and seventeenth centuries
  • The influence of Christianity and Islam
  • The emergence of medieval monarchies

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