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In a 5-6 page essay, answer the question below. Your answers should directly and specifically address the essay prompt. Responses should develop a clear and coherent argument and marshal evidence from the course’s lectures and readings to support your central claim. The best responses will critically engage class readings and materials, including the arguments and ideas presented in class. Make sure that your papers do not simply summarize these materials, but that you critically evaluate the sources and arguments. In addition to textual evidence, be sure to use clear and specific examples to substantiate your claims.

Your essay should be 5-6 pages, double-spaced, using 1” margins and Times New Roman 12-point font. Make sure that you use proper citations and references in your paper according to APA or Chicago style. Also, include a cover page with your paper’s title and your name

1. The Chicano/a Movement (El Movimiento) encompassed a wide range of issues that were part of the historical legacies of the continued occupation of the Northern Mexican territories. What were two central issues of the Chicano/a Movement and why were they important for achieving Chicano/empowerment? Excellent responses will also discuss the continued relevance of these issues today.


Two central issues of the Chicano/a Movement

The major issues that led to the Chicano movement were students’ demands for better or enhanced education and the farmers wanted secure unionization for the farmworkers. For many years, the communities living in California agricultural Read More


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